Newborn holding hands

Guidelines for NICU Newborn Hearing


Since the incidence of sensory, as well as neural hearing loss is approximately ten times higher in the NICU versus well-baby nursery, A-ABR is the recommended screening technology for use in the NICU population (JCIH 2007).

Guidelines for conducting hearing screenings in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nursery .

  • Select a time when the infant is medically stable.
  • Choose a time when the infant is not being seen by other health care professionals.
  • Test when infants are quiet or sleeping; optimally, one hour following feeding.
  • To help calm a restless infant, swaddle the infant and dim the lights.
  • Ensure a quiet environment for testing, away from background noise.
  • Follow standard precautions for infection control (e.g. hand washing, appropriate cleansing of equipment, etc).

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